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Why Choose Tennessee Bedbugs.

Our job is not complete until you are bed-bug free.

Unlike other treatment options where you may have to wait weeks for harsh chemicals

to take effect, heat is instant and will eliminate all life stages of bed bugs

(including eggs). Our bed bug heat treatment is guaranteed to kill all

bed bugs in just one day!

This is a huge relief for most, because the last thing people want is to live with

bed bugs for two more weeks. With our guaranteed heat treatment, you can

be bed-bug free the same day of treatment!

How Can We Offer a 30-day or 6 mth. Warranty on Bed Bugs?

Some ask how we can offer such a warranty, especially when other pest control companies are only offering 30-day guarantees, or even worse, no guarantee at all.

We are able to offer this warranty for two reasons:

  1. Bed bugs is all we do. Most pest control companies offer “bed bug services” as well as a handful of other services, but they are not bed bug experts. They can’t make a solid 90 day  guarantee because they don’t have the knowledge and expertise that we have. Bed bugs is all we do. We know where they hide, and we have the best techniques and guaranteed process to get rid of bed bugs for good.

  2. We believe in excellent customer service. Our guaranteed heat treatment will eliminate all the bed bugs in the structure. However, it is possible that you can bring bed bugs in again at some point. If you experience any sort of bed bug problems again during the warranty period, we will treat the home again for free


Proven to work

Pet & Child Safe

Highly Effective

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