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Covid-19 update

With the continual presence of COVID-19 in our daily lives, everyone has been impacted and we all have been asked to face these new challenges together. From our family at Tennessee Bedbugs, LLC  to yours, we want you to know that we are here for you.


Pest control has officially been deemed an essential service by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security


In the past, during times of great trial, our nation's leaders have asked American businesses to sacrifice and bear the same burdens as the people. Non-essential businesses temporarily close or adapt for the greater good and the betterment of all. Those that are pivotal to sustaining public health remain on alert and operational for the good of the population and are critical to the infrastructure of our communities. With that in mind, it is our duty to inform you that pest control has officially been deemed an essential service by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as well as by many other local and state governments.


We will continue to do our part


History has shown that societies that overlook pest control place themselves in great danger. Scientists and historians have attributed the spread of diseases like the Black Plague to lack of sanitation and pest control. As your partner and as defenders of public health, we will continue to do our part by providing the highest quality pest control service while practicing the recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO).


We strongly urge you to do your part in "flattening the curve" of COVID-19.


As an Essential Service, Tennessee Bedbugs, LLC  will continue to serve and uplift our local communities during this uncertain time. Below you can find steps we are taking in the name of safety within the company and for your family.

  • As the situation evolves and changes with COVID-19, TNBB wants to ensure you that we are actively monitoring updates from the CDC and state health departments to keep everyone as safe as possible.

  • As an Essential Service, TNBB will remain fully operational throughout all our locations so we can maintain your quality of life and defend public health.

  • If a service is requested to a business that has closed due to coronavirus, TNBB will coordinate to ensure the service is performed as soon as possible or scheduled for another date if necessary.

  • TNBB Customer Care personnel are available at our regular posted hours to ensure you receive quick and reliable assistance regarding your account and service.  

  • Customer and employee interactions and physical contact is being minimized via "social distancing" as recommended by the CDC and WHO.

  • TNBB will be limiting preventative interior service treatments to the extent possible by rescheduling to a later date. All necessary interior services will still be provided with any needed adjustments.

  • Service specialists will be equipped with additional sanitation and protective equipment to ensure regular deep cleaning of high-touch areas of our facilities, vehicles, servicing equipment, and technological devices using CDC recommended disinfectant.

  • TNBB will be taking measures to ensure our office facilities are clean, sanitary, and safe for all employees and visitors.

  • Since the duration and severity of the situation is unknown, we will evaluate on an ongoing basis and provide regular updates as we receive additional information from authoritative sources.

All of us are making efforts to stop the spread of disease but we know that pests don't share any such obligation. We cannot stress enough how vital proper pest control is during these troubling times. Pest control serves a key purpose of maintaining the physical and mental health of your loved ones and yourself.  TNBB remains steadfast in our goal to be defenders of public health and we are extremely grateful for the families we serve every day. We stand behind the importance and quality of our service and will do everything in our power to keep every home and business we can safe from the threats pests bring.

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